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Blender FAQs

What types of Cloud Rendering services does iRender provide?

iRender offers 2 main services to serve all your work requirements:

1. Remote Render Farm:

This service is provided by the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model by iRender with the purpose of allowing 3D artists to immediately own their own Render Farm on Cloud, with just a few Clicks, without worrying about infrastructure, hardware, network, electricity, operating environment conditions of the device … Not only that, but all sizes of scale such as the number of Render Nodes, use of GPU or CPU, control environment, Render Farm management software has also been integrated and available on the cloud platform to operate.

With only 3 simple steps: register an account, choose a pack (the number of Render Nodes for your Render Farm) and remote control to use. That’s easy! The time you use is calculated in seconds, very transparent and simple, you can completely control your own budget.

2. GPU Cloud, GPU server rental service.

We provide this service completely automatically according to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, which is charged accurately for every second of use, similar to the world’s largest cloud computing service systems such as AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure,… but the price is 1/10 to 1/12 times cheaper.

With just 3 simple steps: create an account, choose the GPU scale (the number of GPUs you need: 1/6/12 x GTX 1080T /RTX 2080Ti), and remote control to use. That’s easy!

All of our services are fully integrated into a single cloud computing platform (Cloud Rendering), dedicated to Rendering. You’re not required to have any special knowledge to use the services, as simple and easy as bank transfer or book a Grab trip for yourself.

Which servers are iRender GPURental providing?

  • GPU Rental Packages: It includes a single GPU Rental Package and multi-GPU Rental Package ranging from RTX 2080Ti to RTX 3080, RTX 3090.

* Besides, we provide specialized servers for intensive tasks like AI Inference, AI Training, Deep Learning, VR/AR, and so on, with Turing architecture: 6/12 x RTX 2080Ti, 11GB VRAM; Ampere architecture 6/12 x RTX 3090, 24GB VRAM and Pascal architecture: 6/12 x NVIDIA TITAN Xp, 12GB VRAM. Or any configuration you specify, please contact us directly to support.

Sincerely, thank you!

Does iRender provide virtualized or physical GPU performance?

We provide 100% of GPU performance on the physical machine, the reason is:

  1. Always ensuring a single customer on a physical machine, no virtualization, no sharing of CPU resources, RAM, SDD…, which is safer and more efficient.
  2. Performance always reaches 100%. All resources of a physical machine are yours.
  3. There is no limit on resource intervention, any virtualizer has a resource intervention limit, no virtualization = no limit.

When using the service, if I need special software for rendering such as RedShift, do you support copyright?

We provide the server, what you do with it is up to you. You can purchase additional licenses or simply transfer your existing license to the iRender server as long as your software provider has a licensing tool (for example, Octane and Redshift). You can use the same license on your workstation as well as on iRender servers interchangeably and save it for subsequent use.

How long will my working environment settings (Image) be stored on the system?

We understand that it is very important to set up the right working environment for you, including installed software, settings, libraries … So for now, we will store your working environment (Images) for free within 30 days from the date of your last activity on the iRender Farm platform, timeout on the system will automatically review and remove inactive Images. If you have any special requirements, feel free to contact us directly.
Sincere thanks!

How can I move files to servers using SFTP/FTP?

You can transfer files directly to our server by using GpuHub Sync (sFTP/FTP) or popular services (SFTP, FTP) such as CyberDuck, Filezilla, cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Driver… or by copying directly via RDP. Thanks to our special and unique Data transfer method in the world, your files can be transferred even when the server is turned off, which saves your money. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

What exactly are iRender Points (iRP)?

To use iRender GPURental, you need to buy iRender Points (iRP) (One point equals to $1). Remaining iRender Points can be used for your future jobs, as iRender Points will never expire. The minimum payment is 50 iRPs (worth $50) every time you top up your balance.

How do I pay for the render?

You can pay via VISA CARD, CREDITS CARD, Paypal (Pay safe with Paypal money-back guarantee), Stripe, or by direct transfer to the card. Also, we can work through a contract with legal entities and non-cash payments by bank transfer.

iRender Support:

Hotline: +(84)916806116
Whatsapp: +84916806116
Skype name: iRender International
Email: [email protected]

Where is my invoice ?

By default, iRender generates invoices as soon as receiving your payment. We suggest customers to login and check it in the payment monitoring tab. Additionally, once an invoice is generated, it will be sent to your registered email.

How do I get charged?

The system will automatically charge a fee once your rental servers are turned on. You will be billed for the exact amount of using time in a second. (Similar to AWS or Azure uptime calculation). You will be charged until you shut down the rental server, and an invoice will be automatically generated and sent to your registered e-mail.

Would I be eligible for any forms of refunds?

At iRender, we will refund the value of credits directly to your account by iRender Points, in case you are dissatisfied with the service due to some infrastructure errors or any issues we are responsible for. Rendering credit (iRender Points) refunds are considered for each specific case.
We do not have any policy to convert iRender Points into money after you top up the account or get iRender points from our bonus/discount program. You can only spend credits on using iRender Cloud Services.

Why does iRender GPU provide the best low- cost service in the long term for customers?

Because iRender Cloud Services are generated by solar power. In Vietnam, 80% of days in a year are sunny, which is a long-term benefit to maintain the best low-cost price for customers.

Mostly the cost for electricity to run a Data Center is generated roughly from 30% to 35%. When we are able to optimize this expense, we are confident to reduce the price or maintain it in the long run, and our customers can utilize it.

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